Pearce, Arizona
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Saturday, July 30, 2022

On The Solid Rock Ranch is a new and young family-owned and operated horse ranch. We are committed to breeding, training and raising sound registered Quarter horses and Paint horses.

The owners are lifetime AQH
A/APHA members with the goal to breed top quality and proven bloodlines with intelligent and sound temperaments that will assure you a quality horse.

On The Solid Rock Ranch is located in Cochise County south of Willcox, Arizona.



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On The Solid Rock Ranch

“He is the world’s fastest horse up to and including 440 yards. He is the best all-around horse that ever stood outdoors. He has no equal as a cutting horse, roping horse, ranch horse or general purpose horse for western-type riding. He is rugged and an ideal mount for children. He is intelligent, usually gentle, and easy to keep.”

Garford Wilkinson, AQHA, from The Complete Book of The Quarter Horse by Nelson C. Nye.

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