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Awards received for our horses.


Richard with Bright Morning Dawn


This is Richard Murphy, proud owner and breeder of this AQHA filly, named Bright Morning Dawn.  She has won for 2010, first place in Halter Class for geldings, fillies of 2008.  She also, won third in over all Grand Champion Halter Class and fourth in Showmanship.   All at the Cochise County Fair 4-H Exhibit for 2010.  If you see the man in the red shirt, Richard Murphy,  he will tell you all about it.
Richard with Bright Morning Dawn






Andrea - 2010 Cochise County Fair
Andea Murphy is our daughter and currently has been a 4-H member for 2 years. This was her first year at the Cochise County Fair, 2010, showing and riding our horses.

She showed Bright Morning Dawn, our two-year old filly, in Halter Class for geldings and fillies of 2008 and won a blue ribbon for first place. Bright Morning Dawn also placed third with a yellow ribbon for Overall Grand Champion Halter Class and she placed fourth with a white ribbon for Showmanship.

Andrea showed our eight-year old mare, Sassy San Lena in Aged Mares Halter Class. She placed fifth with a pink ribbon. Also, Andrea placed fifth with a pink ribbon in Western Equitation Class for Sassy's performance.

In Western Pleasure Class, Sassy placed second with a red ribbon. We are very proud of Andrea for doing so well this year in her 4-Hr Horse Project.

Andrea did a great job showing these two horses and has the ribbons to peove her hard work of training them on her own with the help of coaching from her Mom, her 4-H leader Callister and trainer, Bill Rodney.

Congratulations Andrea!
At the Cochise County Fair

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